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The Basics on Beck


Beck Flatley began her comedy career in 2013 with her YouTube series Finding Beck. She then developed the web series What the Beck in 2015 which launched the birth of her network, What the Beck TV.


Beck has appeared on The Queen Latifah Show, various radio & web shows, and periodically performs standup comedy in the Los Angeles area, most recently the Hollywood Improv and the World Famous Comedy Store.


Quick Stats

Age:   41

Astro Sign:    Libra - Oct 11

From:    Santa Clarita, CA, USA

Home Life:     Single mom of a 20-yr old

                         and owner of vicious animals

First Job:     A sales associate at The Limited

                      and I got 'let go' after a month

                      when my boss realized I was too

                      young and she never checked

                      my date of birth. I also hated it.

Survival Essentials: Coffee & weed. and oxygen i guess.

Comedy Inspos: Jim Carrey, Lucille Ball, Seth

                                 MacFarlane, Russell Brand, Betty

                                 White, Steve Martin, Bill Burr, Sarah

                                 Silverman, Bill Murray, Dana Carvey,

                                 Martin Short, David Spade, Jimmy

                                 Carr, George Carlin, Adam Sandler,

                                 pretty much anyone that's ever been

                                 on SNL and In Living Color &

                                 so many more i can't fit in this box. 

                                 And Bill Cosby's stand up game was

                                 as strong as his man game is weak.

Movies she could watch 1,000x:    Paul  | The Watch

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